Author Topic: fetchmail / dovecot - no local delivery  (Read 1019 times)


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fetchmail / dovecot - no local delivery
« on: February 24, 2017, 01:54:27 pm »
Hi all,

after upgrading my (perfect working) Zentyal from 4.2 to 5.0, I´m facing an interesting problem:
Using the same config as before:
Zentyal working as PDC with Domain "name.local"
Users have all emailaddresses
Mails are  downloaded via fetchmail, but then dovecot is trying to send them back to instead of delivering locally (which has been working in the past).
I tried to use @name.local as User-email and a alias. Mails are being delivered well, but now i have (after using this workaround: ) to choose this alias each time i send a mail via SOGo-Webmail.

At least i could live with this, wouldn´t there be the bigger issue with Android-Phones using SOGo-ActiveSync:

Account-Setup is all fine with no errors. But when trying to send an email for the first time, a message pops up saying"Account-details are being atualized".
Normally you can get rid of this accepting a meeting-Request another User sends via Calendar, and everything runs well after that.
The Problem is, i cannot answer to this request, as the Invitation comes from @name.local, and the @gmail account can´t find (as it uses a smarthost).

I hope that i could describe my problem in a way you can understand - if not, please get back asking for more Information!

Thanks in advance,