Author Topic: Problems with the domain zentyal, mail and active directory win 2012 server  (Read 1204 times)


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Since 2012 I use zentyal as mail server in version 2.11. Currently I wanted to upload to version 4.2.2 and then I tried with 5.0 but in both the same thing happens to me.

When one my zentyal server as an additional controller to windows server 2012 R2 join and transfer all the data of my users including the email address however the zentyal server is not able to create the mailboxes of the users nor their respective folders Inside the / home directory. All other data replicate well in both directions but if I modify the email field in zentyal warns me the following: "This action will delete the mail account and the data associated with it." If I give it ok I create the user's mailbox and on both servers the change is replicated but on the windows server every time I try to modify some field of that user I get the following error: "The folowwing Active Directory Domain Services error ocurred: The Specified value already exists ". It is as if modifying this field will cause changes in the ldap schema that are not compatible between these versions.

If I create the user from my server with Zentyal then it replicates well the data to the windows server and it is created the mailbox and its folder inside / home.

Does anyone else have this? And has found some solution.