Author Topic: Backing up the entire /home directory folder??? -- Zentyal 4.2.2  (Read 1345 times)


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Backing up the entire /home directory folder??? -- Zentyal 4.2.2
« on: November 26, 2016, 06:20:27 am »
We have Zentyal server 4.2.2 for over a year now -- running in a VM on VMWare server.

We've been making snapshots on a regular basis while I try and find a solution to doing regular backups of the user data (home directors basically) to the NAS.

I have been able to mount a folder (/media/backups) as a CIFS mount point via FSTAB and I know this works when I tested it with the account I was logged as  (admin account)

I have installed Duplicity and it does work ..but it gave me a boatload of error when it tried to access each of the user's folder in the /home directory.  I did a SSH talent into the server and noticed that those folders only have user permission (no group or world access)  I also tried hop33 solution but I never could get that to run the backup, period.

How in the world can we easily do a backup (as sysadmin) of the entire /home folder?

Thank you in advance