Author Topic: Manually editing spamassassin config and making it work.  (Read 1232 times)


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Hello, I have the following problem-
I have a lot of spam going in from @*.xyz TLD. Since I can't simply put @xyz in the blacklist (and anything with or @*xyz can't be typed in) i decided to simply add the line to the /etc/spamassassin/
blacklist_from *.xyz
According to SpamAssassin's manual, it should work.
I tried rebooting the mailfilter module, but it got overwritten and i had to redo it.
After I replaced it back with the modified version and did
Code: [Select]
spamassassin -t < [path_to_message_with_now_whitelisted_mail]in console, it worked (-100 score), but the mail was already in mailbox, and in the logs it had 3.6 score.
Now here's the deal - how do I reload the spamassassin/amavis module so that new file won't get overwritten AND will be in use?

I've edited the file /usr/share/ebox/stubs/mailfilter/ and added shortcircuiting for blacklisted emails (which was one of the things I also wanted to do) and it worked after restarting mailfilter service.
I think its a bad idea to tinker with those .mas files AND it takes whitelist/blacklist addresses from some unknown place. For example, I'd like to manually do whitelist_from_rcvd for some mails, but I can't do it manually.
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