Author Topic: ebox to ebox VPN not responding  (Read 1377 times)


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ebox to ebox VPN not responding
« on: May 05, 2008, 08:41:05 pm »
I am having some problems with a site 2 site VPN config using ebox on both sites, after reading several posts it seems to be quite a common problem, my current config is the common scenario

        net a                       wanb                           net c           net d
( ebox  200.122.125...       200.58.xx....

after installling both boxes
0 testing wan responses on both sides
1 set certificates for server ebox
2 configured vpn server, ebox to ebox (checked)  client to client(checked)
3 published net for vpn
4 configured client ebox
5 testing lan inteface to lan interface response on both sides
6 testing client net a  to  client net D not    (error not responding)
at this poing everything seems to be ok,  but when trying to access from a client machine

after trying some rules on the firewall config, enabling access, for almost every possible scenario, still cant get response.
Is there something else to be added, routers, routes, gateways, special rules, services ?

I would like to accomplish this without having to modify iptables by hand , is this possible or is there any known bug to be aware of ?

thanks in advance for any help, regards.