Author Topic: Zentyal + LemonLDAP ???  (Read 1681 times)


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Zentyal + LemonLDAP ???
« on: May 25, 2016, 12:12:17 am »
Hello friends!,
long ago, I did not write in the forum

I was a problem when trying to connect Zentyal and LemonLDAP, both on different computers (Zentyal + Ubuntu) (LemonLDAP + Centos).

Zentyal use it as a domain controller, where I have computers and users currently active, the intention is to mount a WebSSO my services for all (or most) ... but for many laps I gave him, I always get this answer:

Unable to connect to LDAP server

My configuration is:
Code: [Select]
Server host:
Server port: 389
Users search base: dc=zentyal,dc=lan
Account: cn=bind,dc=zentyal,dc=lan
Password: secret
Timeount: 120
Version: 3
Binary atributes:

Someone could give me a hand?
Thank you!
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