Author Topic: Other Permission facing challenges! Ex. root command set -e chown -R 3154:2513  (Read 864 times)

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Dear All,

I got another challenges today, after I try to create new user it get the messages as below:

root command set -e chown -R 3154:2513 '/home/samba/profiles/jonathan.sor' chmod 0700 '/home/samba/profiles/jonathan.sor' setfacl -b '/home/samba/profiles/jonathan.sor' setfacl -R -m u:root:rwx,g::---,g:2513:---,u:'jonathan.sor':rwx '/home/samba/profiles/jonathan.sor' setfacl -R -m d:u:root:rwx,d:g::---,d:g:2513:---,d:u:'jonathan.sor':rwx '/home/samba/profiles/jonathan.sor' failed. Error output: setfacl: Option -m: Invalid argument near character 32 Command output: . Exit value: 2 at /usr/share/perl5/EBox/ line 240

and the profile name did not appear in the Web Interface at all.

When I go to /home/samba/profiles and do ls -l I found this new user got permission like this

drwx------   2 3154       2513 4096 Dec  4 09:06 jonathan.sor

Could you all please help to explain me why?.

And when I got to /home and do ls -l I found
drwxrwxr-x+  4 root           sambashare     4096 Jul  5 22:07 samba
drwx------   2           3154           2513 4096 Dec  4 09:06 jonathan.sor

What is the main problem and how to solve this?.

I try to search many times about these but nothing can help me  :-[

Thank you!
Thy Ly


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have you tried with a username without a dot in it?
Most Linux Distros do not like this...