Author Topic: Slow E-mail Delivery & Overkill of eBox delivery messages in the Queue [SOLVED]  (Read 1713 times)


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Hi Zentyal Team & Community,

First love the whole concept of what Zentyal is, the interface and just how simple it looks.

However I am in need of the community support as I have some impacting issues right now that I just cannot figure out  :-X


1. E-mails taking up to 4-6 hours when Grey List is turned off or 6-12 hours when turned on (Or not at all) to send or receive

2. Mail Queue becoming overwhelmed with messages like the following:
- to
- Reaching now close to 30K of them and shortly the Queue Management will stop working as it did with the last 14 install attempts

3. Seeing high spikes in CPU and Memory and then about an hour later it will drop, though the spikes are randomly changing from each different Zentyal service, and through each install the services that spike change nothing is consistent

4. Grey List just outright rejecting every e-mail and not learning, so having to be forced to whitelist e-mails... I am not sure if this is just a lack of understanding of how Grey Lists work, but my wife subscribes to about 20 odd sites that send out EDM's, these just don't get auto learned or whitelisted or however it works (Happy to take advice on this one).

What I have done so far:

1. I have done 15 different rebuild in total, not including about 8 different AWS instances and attempting to migrate the server from my home to an EC (Free) instance, that was just not a good experience

2. Tried different hardware and hardware rebuilds

3. Tried the official Zentyal install ISO (That one was corrupted really bad)

So far no install has ever gone smoothly without having to do some form of clean or auto clean, and dependencies becoming corrupted or not installing, it has been fun doing all these multiple install and learning more about linux than I thought I would... But I really would like to get this to a stage where it just works.

Now I have seen one other install where it just works and e-mails are delivered within minutes, and my Citadel Server worked smoothly as well but lacked the functions of Zentyal, I don't want to go back to Group-Office or Citadel so I am hoping I can get some community input into my woes with my setups.

Thanks in advance community  ;D




Well for the 15th time I decided to do another re-install, this time I used the pre-built version but re-downloaded it and burnt it to a DVD instead of a USB stick and it installed correctly without corruption, these are the steps I followed.


* 18 Month Old Lenovo Laptop that become redundant - Core Duo vPro with 4GB RAM


* Downloaded latest Official Zentyal Install ISO
* Burnt ISO to DVD using Windows 10 ISO-TO-DVD (USB just simply did not work, the boot up would always be corrupted)
* Followed the install guide step by step (Not the Manual Install Guide) *** It did fail during the install a couple of times but I just kept on telling it to redo the component install
* Immediate after the Admin GUI come on line, did the 178 Updates including the security ones and Kernel
* Configured all the major stuff first before even touch the users and doing the virtual domain
* Configured extended features such as the filtering (But left Grey List off as this version of it is very aggressive and does have a high miss rate on auto learning)
* Added Virtual Domain (My Domain)
* Manually via CLI added the Active Sync component to OpenChange
* Created the Certificates this time using a less convoluted and complex name
* Added the users in and configured them
* Did some general clean up and then did a full reboot using the GUI to initiate it

It is working now flawlessly, tho I have no intentions now of configuring or changing anything, I just want it to sit there and do what I want it to  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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