Author Topic: Moving Users into custom OUs  (Read 2939 times)


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Moving Users into custom OUs
« on: January 28, 2016, 09:43:01 pm »
A few directory-related questions/issues here:

1. I am unable to add OUs underneath the existing OUs (e.g. Users), only to new custom branches. Is this normal?

2. Are you allowed to move users, groups, computers etc into non-default OUs like the Windows SBS model (explained below) without affecting functionality (I know about OpenChange issue)?

3. Any plans to try and fix the OpenChange limitation (also noted below)?

Windows SBS Model: Typically in Windows SBS you had a custom OU structure where Computers, Distribution Groups, Security Groups and Users were under a "MyBusiness" tree or similar. These OUs allowed you to group users and computers by department or location and therefore apply GPOs simply.

OpenChange Limitation:
As stated in the "Known Limitations" section of

"Only the users inside the OU 'Users' can have OpenChange mail accounts"

My Setup is:
Zentyal Dev 4.2 on ESXi
Test PC is Win7 Pro on VirtualBox on the same subnet and joined to the domain