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Re: Time to resign
« Reply #15 on: August 20, 2014, 01:28:34 pm »
Ok seen as we are on "Time to resign" think its better to call it quits myself.

I don't mean any offence to any of the other moderators but I do hope the community can be a moderator free zone.

The report to moderator can be automated and I just believe the community should be free of title it doesn't happen now and it was a mega fight but no-one dictates content.

I went to far and even accused zentyal of being a hoax just to gather OpenOcean funding even emailed them about saying it was just a dot.bubble fraud.

Apols but so much was happening and I guess I was mega paranoid and not in a good place. Apols for all that.

There is much that has confused me and there have been a lot of motives on here.

Even though Zentyal have amazingly let me stay on the forum they obviously don't want any dealings with the mad scythe.

For ages now I haven't been able to get a reply to any emails or anything on IRC which is honest and fair enough.

It just makes it a tad impossible to do what I am trying to do and I find it sad that the only one from the community trying anything with dropped module is there arch enemy naylorarty (Moriarty).

So Robb many apologies for being so rude on many occasions but I am really glad you have stepped down. The whole we don't want to talk to the community is very much a truth.
I have been very counteractive though, the manner I have screamed and shouted about transparency in open source and dealing with a community has also done if not more then and equal amount of damage.

So I guess I should bugger off :)

Thanks everbody.

I will do a last couple of posts on SNI and haproxy and a few things that I would like to see and many thanks to all for putting up with my raves.

My rationale is that opensource is worthless without a community, better quality more appropriate user led software can be created. Differering work in a collaboration means that small teams can produce enterprise software.

So come on you slackers if a numpty like me can create a couple of scripts I am sure others can.

Zentyal will always struggle to hit its full potential if it doesn't receive input  from the community its essential its a two way process.

I am off to cause havoc elsewhere so please getting involved means  much more than downloading for free and moaning that it doesn't work.

:) Many Thanks



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Re: Time to resign
« Reply #16 on: August 28, 2014, 04:52:51 am »
And remember that the Zentyal framework is still completely generic and extensible, nothing prevents to add other third-party modules on top.
Zentyal is a non-trivial product written in Perl. Not everyone can just jump on that bandwagon.
As I stated on another thread, it's the fact that the framework is a world of mystery and as CNServices states, non-trivial, to everyone except the Zentyal developers.  The fact that it's perl is not so much the issue as there are lots of talented perl developers.  It's the time and effort needed to understand the framework that will cause community efforts to fail.