Author Topic: What is being backed-up by default?  (Read 1387 times)


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What is being backed-up by default?
« on: May 16, 2014, 03:16:51 pm »
After inability to further login to my server preceeded by the power outage, I installed new instance of Zentyal Server. Logged into the cloud and tried to restore config. It kind of works, except the FTP. Then I realised, it did not create user dirs in /home directory.

I was surprised, that e.g. /vmail directory structure is recreated, while /home/ users directory was not. Is that what the config backup does without further configuration? I don't mind data - our server is mainly an ISP sendmail plus few websites and FTP accounts, but at least directory structure with proper rights could be recreated?

But maybe my import did not happen properly? It was kind of stuck in the 9 from 30 stage, at FTP section.



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Re: What is being backed-up by default?
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2014, 11:41:37 pm »

what kind of service did you have when you setup the cloud backup?

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