Author Topic: High Availability in Zentyal Server 3.4  (Read 9294 times)


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Re: High Availability in Zentyal Server 3.4
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2014, 12:24:33 am »
Is this only related to services that apear to be as "pass trough" like dns, fw and vpn ? In this regards it sounds like the CARP protocol.
The HA feature is a very big step forward for Zentyal but my question is if this will also be available for Mail, HTTP and other services?

My question might sound stupid for some but i do not see (for now at least) if with the 3.4 i can use HA and also load balancing for my setup (3 WAN's, Mail server, mysql and http server).
Also for the quorum, if the machine will fail (and also an incident occures) so will the nodes, in this regards the third machine has to have better specs than the average of the total machines.

As i have stated above, the HA feature is huge but if it is not for the right services then it is not to much of use.
I hope that i did not put my foot in my mouth with this  :) but for now this is how I see things.


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Re: High Availability in Zentyal Server 3.4
« Reply #16 on: February 28, 2014, 06:56:35 am »
HAproxy is also very interesting. I fully agree  :)  but then when I look at Zentyal implementation, I'm totally disappointed, perhaps because I was dreaming about something else  :-[

If one tell me "Zentyal is now bringing HAproxy in the landscape", what I'm thinking about is reverse proxy component that will permit to:
- act as reverse proxy for incoming (external) connections so that one can reach internal web servers in a secure, controlled and potentially authenticated manner
- act as HA component so that such component can be used as fail-over enabler in front of active/passive or, much better, active/active web servers
- act as load balancer to provide scale-out capability in case of service offered to large audience

I've installed 3.4 beta and as I wrote in this post, if I remember well, HAproxy component is not exposed as an available component for system admins.
You will have it by default, this is your listener when accessing.... Zentyal GUI
- if you configure your Zentyal console to listen on port 1443, then:
     - HA proxy listen on this port (1443)
     - Nginx is configured to listen on port 61443

I didn't check but I suppose HAproxy is also in the scope of Zentyal cluster, or at least it will be. I do not intend to perform reverse engineering steps here in order to make some guesses.

Like HA, HAproxy may evolve (and I hope it will) but as of today, I do not perceive the real added value of such implementation.

If I add to give priority to features, HA in term of end-user access is more critical (and impacting) than HA for sys admin who can almost always find its way to access his system.

I would really like to be wrong with my analysis BTW. Let's wait for documentation...  ::)  my fears here being that documentation for "true" (exposed) components is made mainly of screen-shot, thus for "hidden" components, the risk that is is reduced to almost nothing is bigger  :-X

Am I the only one with this (wrong ?) perception  ???  :-[