Author Topic: Samba:Unable to to find the container for 'uid=*,ou=Kerberos,dc=*,dc=lan line384  (Read 2837 times)


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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Zentyal 3.2
zentyal-samba                            3.2.7
Server is a production one, but with small network (4 clients). DHCP, DNS, Web are okey.

After changing domain name following problem occurred.
I had tried
  • delete the zentyal-samba component from the webgui
  • apt-get remove samba4
  • apt-get purge samba4
  • rm /opt/samba4
  • rm /etc/samba/smb.conf
  • reinstall samba from the web gui
And still have a problem with saving samba settings - it just freezes on samba module.

My Problem is below:
Code: [Select]
2013/10/24 22:33:53 DEBUG> EBox::LDB::ldapUsersToLdb - Unable to to find the container for 'uid=http-zonda-serv,ou=Kerberos,dc=zonda,dc=lan' in Samba at /usr/share/perl5/EBox/ line 384
Major problem is that some users are still in the system(even after reinstalling samba and AD) and "clean" install presumes full format???Even if the system is running under 12.04 with bunch of other services on it and has its own users... why so cruel... 

Can anyone recommend workaround? Or it might be at least _real_ clean reinstall, so no records or files of this service will appear left in the system. And I hope not all services of Zentyal will have to be removed/purged.
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