Author Topic: Moving between physical servers?  (Read 2215 times)


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Moving between physical servers?
« on: June 23, 2012, 12:41:03 pm »
Had a hardware failure on a zentyal 2.2 server, that had been migrated from a zentyal 2.0 server.  I have all the data (including the backups) and a brand new server with a fresh install of Zentyal 2.2

Do I just hook up the external hard drive and tell the fresh Zentyal to restore from the backup?

Also, I'm getting that quota attribute error when putting in a new user on the Zentyal 2.2 server (the old one) - rerunning the migrate script did nothing (it won't run - updates, says no updates available, and quits)

What do I need to do?


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Re: Moving between physical servers?
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2012, 06:01:18 am »
I can tell you that when I had to rebuild my zentyal 2.2 server this is how I did it.

I install a fresh copy of zentyal on the new server
-installed all the modules I had running on my last install of zentyal

Imported the configuration backup (this brought back all my users along with all other configurations) (also check your network settings before saving)
- was missing however all user data in /home folders + any other data like in the /var/www or /srv folder

I then ran the duplicity back for every directory I was missing.
- restored /home directory
- restored the zarafa email (this one required me to have a zarafa mysql dump file from the last server)
- restored my custom /var/www and /srv files. 

Basically my new server is running now just like my old server.... my users do not even know that anything has changed.