Author Topic: Zentyal NUT Hacks  (Read 1853 times)


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Zentyal NUT Hacks
« on: November 14, 2013, 12:14:27 pm »
Hi All,
 I recently needed to add driver parameters to a config in nut,
Originally I altered  the ups.conf.mas file and added my productid/vendorid parameters there but this breaks if you have more than once UPS on the system or change the UPS.
Solution? Add my parameters as a new UPS to the Zentyal nut
The UPS is a product from but there is no website or support yet. It a 3KVA unit and uses the USB ven/pid of 06da/0005 with subdriver phoenix.

So look for driver.list located in /usr/share/nut/

Code: [Select]
$sudo nano /usr/share/nut/driver.list
find a simlar device, in my case i knew i need to use blazer_usb so i added the following line among the Eaton range
Code: [Select]
"Eaton" "ups" "5" "Darkspr1te Special Driver" "" "blazer_usb vendorid=06da subdriver=phoenix productid=0005"
Save and thats it, you can now select your specific config from the pick list

the format of driver.list is as follows

Code: [Select]
# Format:
# =======
# <manufacturer> <device type> <support level> <model name> <model extra> <driver [parameters]>
# Details:
# ========
# - device type:
#   "ups" for Uninterruptible Power Supply
#   "pdu" for Power Distributions Unit
#   "scd" for Solar Controlers Device
# - support level: a number from "1" to "5" (stars) meaning:
#   *       protocol based on reverse engineering
#   **      based on fragments of publicly available protocol
#   ***     based on publicly available protocol
#   ****    vendor provided protocol
#   *****   vendor provided protocol and hardware
# - driver [parameters]: mention the driver(s) (separated by "or" if there are
#   several possibilities. Any mandatory parameter(s) must be referenced, as
#   they will be parsed by configuration helper softwares.
#   For example, genericups entries must mention the "upstype=nn" format.
# Duplicate text in the last field will be cooked out during the conversion
# to HTML with ROWSPAN magic.  They must be an exact match for this to work.




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Re: Zentyal NUT Hacks
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2013, 08:56:00 am »
Thanks Spr1te this has been a life saver +1 to you!