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Capive Portal behaviour
« on: January 27, 2013, 09:18:17 am »
Zentyal server 3.0.1 and captive portal 3.0.1 are functioning well in my organisation except for two problems:

1. in my env, when a user is requesting whatever URL, he is redirected to captive portal. then, when he has logged in through captive portal, its is not immediately that his web requests are allowed (through squid). instead, web requests are redirected back to captive portal saying "you have logged in successfully".but not really, because it is only 90 seconds later that captive portal is finally willing to allow those web requests to their destination (through squid on an external host) 
   * I manage to bypass this problem by restarting CaptiveDaemon upon a users login, with the assistance of inotify. once captive daemon is restarted, logged-in users are immediately allowed to request whatever web page (no need to wait 90 seconds)

2. as I mentioned before "redirected back to captive portal saying "you have logged in successfully":
   well another question: why bother notifying about "logged in successfully, instead of simply redirecting to the originally requested URL?  am I experiencing an error or is this the nature of the service?

has anyone experienced any of what I describe?

with much appreciation