Author Topic: Squid cache - how to obtain faster Squid response times?  (Read 14956 times)


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Re: Squid cache - how to obtain faster Squid response times?
« Reply #15 on: September 02, 2014, 05:10:55 am »
A whole year later, and I'm still on the guest of improving Squid performance.
So far, the biggest performance increase came not from adding or changing hardware, but simply updating Zentyal
and thus getting an updated Squid 3.3.x in the process.

I must say, the difference as compared to Zentyal 2.2.x is huge, and it still runs from a 10k raptor drive.
As far as the SSD concerns, I've had plenty of time to read.
The conclusion is that SSD "wear" will be less of an issue when using quality SSD drives, even if they are MLC based.
For example, I've just ordered an Intel 2500 series 120GB SSD. Should be more reliable then other consumer SSD drives.
It's still a bit of an experiment, but at this point the SSD wear seems exaggerated.

It was mentioned that ramdisk would be the best solution.
My cache footprint would require 16GB of ram, and honestly I find those modules (2x8GB) to expensive. Maybe when RAM comes down in price, I'll give it a shot.

So far this little update.

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