Author Topic: LUKS Encrypted Drive for Shares need some advice.  (Read 3566 times)


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LUKS Encrypted Drive for Shares need some advice.
« on: December 15, 2015, 04:53:17 pm »
I have had zentyal setup for about a year now running in a small business. Origionaly setup with Zentyal 4.0.

1 of my tasks was to have all users files stored on an encrypted drive. So I setup a LUKS encrypted drive and have it mounting via a script with the key stored remotely.

On this drive are the users home folders and profiles along with some other common shares but I seem to be getting alot of permission issues (mainly on the home directory's). When I origionaly setup the drive I disabled the zentyal automaticly setting the permissions on the shares as I was haveing alot more permission issue's. But now with more users its becoming a hassle to keep the permissions working. Every time a new user is created they have permission issues on their home folder and sometimes even on their profile.

Could anyone give me advice on how to properly setup the user profiles and home directory's on this encrypted drive?

I should mention that I just created a homedirs and userprofiles share and directory on the encrypted drive and pointed the users home directory and profile to these shares in active directory.

Zentyal is also the main / only server on this network.
I also am using a trick to keep the profiles for different windows versions seperated. With the profiles pointing to a folder like this:


which is working and keeps the userprofiles seperate.

Any advice could be helpful Thanks.