Author Topic: No train services in belgium oct 3 2012  (Read 2218 times)


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No train services in belgium oct 3 2012
« on: September 29, 2012, 10:40:08 pm »
Dear all,

first of all sorry for posting in enlish as my german isn't that good and i didn't want to put you guys up with a bad google translation...

As posted in the dutch forum by Robb,   there will be no train service in belgium from october 2,  22:00 untill   october 3 22:00 ...

so for those of you who are flying from  brussels south / charloi airport to zaragoza spain (for the sumit) this tuesday.  you aboslutely can not go to the airport by train that day.. 

if you dont have a car or someone to drive you your best chances are to find a hotel in charloi  or brussels..

hopefully not many of you  wil face this problem,

see you guys at the sumit... !
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