Author Topic: [SOLVED] how to enable outgoing to use only port 587  (Read 19196 times)


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Re: how to enable outgoing to use only port 587
« Reply #30 on: May 24, 2012, 12:07:21 am »
Dear Christian,

After waiting for so long, the issue is with the ISP, now all mail working as usual. Seems one of their main antispam server is the culprit, it put their own IP in their own subnet into black list on port 587.
but still,
1. Double PTR records on nslookup, i complain about this but ISP doesn't respond. :) or they just get bored to accept my call.
2. Due to no. 1, i have ask to spamrat to remove our IP from their weird blacklist and they insisting not going to change and giving howto but ends up in some payment to remove. :)) .. but i think it doesn't make a big difference, my sign  is if google/yahoo/big mail server is still accepting our mail, then is safe for us. Spamrat can do whatever they like. I'm not gonna pay anything to them but ask to remove our IP.
3. Still doesn't succeeded it forging the mail header in Zentyal mail server, even i visit my friend who are mail-admin on his company and learn about that using postfix only, but stil lo luck. Seems i have to postpone about this for some other time to test it out.

Many thanks for all the support.